Rewards of nursing....

  1. I'm tried of hearing all the negative talk about being a nurse; let's hear the positives now!!!!

    List the rewards you expericence as a nurse...or for nursing students.... why did you chose to become a nurse??

    I'll go first---
    I just change my major from Biology & Tech to Nursing b/c my mother is a nurse and she tells me about her patients and how she love taking care of people, the relationship with the doctors and co-workers and making a difference in people lives. She says she loves when former patients come back w/ cards and flowers just to say THANK YOU.She says it is challenging but the challenge is valuable and priceless. The work itself is rewarding both personally and professionally. I had a chance to follow her for a few hrs at work and I really enjoyed it (even though I actually didn't see the "important" things she does). I realize now that I would love to make that kind of impct in someone life.
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  3. by   nurse07
    Hi missy Alaukwa

    Wow thats a mouth full. I think it's great that your trying to be positive. there is so much negative talk about nursing as a profession.

    U have your mum to help u through the tough times.

    go for it, Lacie
  4. by   sierranic
    while I was a CNA student, I had one patient who was paralyzed on her left side, and had an amputated leg on her good side. She was very young too (think she was a wild child in her time). But she was so wonderful, and she loved me being there. Granted the work was really hard, but after the day was over she said "I wish you didn't have to leave, you students take such good care of us, and when your gone they don't care about us anymore." It was heart wrenching! She continued to say how sweet I was and that she enjoyed me being there!

    Upon leaving for the last time, I felt like I belonged there, I was only there for 4 days, but I felt as if I were leaving some of my long time friends. Just the satisfaction of knowing that the small things you can do for a person can create such a large impact in their lives is enough reward for me.

    I just hope someday, if I'm ever in a nursing home, I can have a student like me it's a shame how these residents don't get the attention they actually need because the CNA's have so many patients to take care of and such limited time.