Rethinking nursing

  1. it's almost a year since i've been a nurse, still considered "new grad". i am rethinking if nursing is the right career path for me. to be honest, i am highly insecure, depressed that i still dont have a decent job. i am thankful that i have my psych rn job and i am going through a free new grad program offered in a university, now precepting in a medsurg floor. i am just discouraged and depressed if i'm even good enough to be a nurse. i just feel inadequate when i'm on the floor, although i'm more than eager to learn. i put too much pressure on myself to do great so i can get a position. i just dont know anymore if what im doing right now will even pay off. i had a lot of interviews before but unfortunately, interviews are my weakness, because i am overeager to get a job. right now, i just convince myself everyday to continue and hope for the best. but really i feel like a failure. thanks for listening guys!
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  3. by   ruralgirl08
    You sound down and discouraged and that is no way to be. If you are showing signs of depression (from your writing it sounds to me like you could be,) you may want to talk to a professional, because you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. Psych nurses I have talked to emphasize the importance of taking care of themselves as a #1 priority, the job can be emotionally draining.
    It is hard to develop the confidence, as a new nurse, unless you are in a supportive environment. It is also very discouraging, not being able to find employment. Find a mentor, someone you look up to in nursing, that you can ask questions or advice. Try and keep positive, and take care of yourself first.
  4. by   Ginger45
    You are not alone. I have been a nurse since I was ninteen. I am ready to throw in the towel. I love nursing in general but with the economy being what it is I feel that we are treated worse then ever. I have never in my entire career seen such horrible choices out there. I got into nursing because I care. It is horrible out there now. You are worked to death, short staffed, because they know how hard it is to find a job now. If there was something else that I thought I could do. I would. In the meantime, I hand on and pray alot.