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i need help deciding which school to go into. i recently was in a nursing program and was dropped in second semester after failing twice. do you think it would be wiser to carry on with nursing (i... Read More

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    Thanks for the reply.

    When you say pay is a little better you mean that of an RN to RT Correct? I have great legs, lots of ladders in my past so keeping on my feet should be easy. Just have to get over age thing........Lastly do you have any suggestions where I might find the current wage scale and outlook for RT's in NJ
    Yes, in my area of the world, there is about a 1-3 dollar an hour Delta in wages between RN's and RRT's. Also remember, there is another level of RCP called a CRT. The CRT is the respiratory analog of an LPN. You could do some google searching and would most likely find the information you request. The age should not be a big issue.
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    Choice is up to you. You are correct about the intense nature of RT school. The one in my area has an intense clinical experience. The program is a two year program; however, I mean two years. No summer break, and intense clinical rotations. In addition, the math and gas laws/physics may be harder.

    Unfortunately, you will have to be very assertive as a RT. This is especially true in airway emergencies and ventilator management. These are complex situations, and you are going to have to take the bull by the horns in these areas.

    Career opportunities are good for RT's and advancement is better than you think. Specialized areas exist for RT's to branch into. These include; pediatrics, neonatal, ECMO, sleep medicine, and cardiorespiratory diagnostics.

    While the RT may not be cleaning poo, have you ever smelled or experienced the pleasure of obtaining nasty purulent infected material from somebody's lung, or have them cough gobs of mucus all over you while you are doing therapy. As a nurse, you may experience this; however, it is an ongoing experience for some RT's.

    Each profession has pros and cons, good luck on your decision.
    Thank you for your comments! They were very encouraging. I am taking my sciences for Respiratory Care. I have worked as a CNA for 16yrs and I have gone as far as I can go as a CNA. ppl think that there are not any advancements for RRT; thanks for clarifying that. Nothing wrong with nursing but I am not interested in that. I want to learn the responsibilities of a Respiratory Therapist.