1. Hello all! I am currently in my first RN position (7 months in). While I am thankful for the opportunity, I am currently in the background process for THE job that I want! I am thrilled!

    I have never resigned from a position before and am terrified. I am sure my director will be angry, and that I don't really care about (his lack of nursing support is reason #2 for my looking for my dream job so soon, #1 is I just don't like the job I'm in now--can't stomach it any longer, can't stand going to work....but it may tie into #2...with the old director I was OK). I am very nervous about my co-workers being upset with me and I'm more afraid to talk to them and tell them I'm leaving. They all know I'm not passionate about this job, and they have all told me "the great thing about nursing is you can do whatever you want to make yourself happy!" They all know I'm looking for my passion, they are all super supportive...but I'm so worried that when I finally say "Hey, I'm leaving" that they will be mad. Our current director has left us short since I've worked here. Days is overstaffed, and nights is still dangerously short. I hate my drive, even thinking about staying PRN to help nights turns my stomach--driving to work can take me 2 hours and I live less than 30 miles away (traffic).

    All current staff know my plight with the drive and even they tell me I'm crazy to do it!

    I am probably going to turn in my resignation by Friday, and I am planning on writing everyone a personal thank you note (with the exception of ONE nurse everyone was AMAZING!!!! If I could take them with me to the new job I'd be happier than a pig in mud!) even the nurse I am not fond of, hey, she helped me grow thicker skin!

    What do I say when I walk into the directors office to quit? How do I begin that conversation? I already have a resignation letter typed...I'm just waiting to get the green flag from the new place to turn it in. As much as I don't want to give two weeks notice, I am doing it. If I can give a longer notice I will to help out, but is love to walk in and just say "I'm DONE!" I also don't want my coworkers to think once I resign I'm gonna just use my sick leave and leave them high and dry, that's not my work ethic.

    I am so excited about this prospect but TERRIFIED they will hate me. Talk is nice, theory of moving on to what makes me happy is nice, but doing it is terrifying!!!!

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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Don't worry about anyone 'hating' you for leaving. If they're as knowledgeable about your unhappiness with your current position as you say they are, they'll be happy for you!

    As for management, well, do you really care what they think? They've been making your life miserable! You want to get out of there with your reputation intact and without a 'do-not-rehire' flag on your work record, but that doesn't mean kissing their back cheeks until you leave or worrying about whether they'll be angry. Do your work, stay under the radar, and whatever you do, DON'T leave without at least two weeks' notice (four is better).

    Good luck. Life is too short for bad jobs. Go for what you want!
  4. by   itsnowornever
    Ok! I put in my resignation today and told a few of the ladies, and they were all very supportive! Now time to tell the others!

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  5. by   Little_Mouse
    Just curious--what job did you leave your previous employer for?
  6. by   itsnowornever
    I left L&D for the ER

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