Refresher programs: My licence has lapsed, ugh, retesting sounds challenging, advice? - page 4

Hi All, After working as a Neonatal Nurse Practioner for 10 years I "retired", and have been living abroad for several years. I am really wanting to return to nursing and realized I must first get... Read More

  1. by   egnj
    I just want to reinstatement my license to have it on my resume. Not planing on returning to clinical practice but I did spend a lot of time, energy and thousands of dollars to obtain a BSN. I had a active Virginia license but then moved back to NJ and was told by Virginia Nursing Board to change it to inactive. Bad advise. I have not problem retaking the NCLEX. But I believe we nurses need more advocates for our profession. CE and Reinstatement and renewal fee should not be costing up to $2000. Also, the reinstatement refresher class which I would enjoy taking is in North Jersey and I live in South Jersey. I wish we could all get together in NJ and ask for some help.