1. For those of you who choose to respond my thanks in advance. I am posting this for an assignment in school. I figured this would be a convenient way to get a random sample. Thank you again- your time is valued!

    1. How do you define nursing and how do you distinguish nursing from medicine or other health care professions?

    2. Do you think nursing is an independent profession? why or why not?

    3. Did you learn a particular nursing theory in school?

    4. What theory drives your nursing practice now?

    5. What professional journals do you subscribe to? What was the last journal you read?

    6. What professional organizations do you belong to? Why did you choose those organizations? Do you hold office in any professional organizations?

    7. What is your age, sex, years of experience, and degree ?
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  3. by   prmenrs
    I am gonna flunk this SOOO bad, but I'll give it a shot.

    1a Defining nursing: Responding to illness. Providing, physical, emotional, educational support for individuals and families within an acute care hospital setting (which is my area of practice), or to others identified as needing such support. Observing response of clients to illness/disease process.

    1b Nursing is different from medicine and other HC professions in that it provides more in-depth physical/emotional/educational care than the others. It also can be the "hub", a liason between other HC Profs, seeing where other professions fit into the picture much better than MDs, esp re: PT, OT, etc.

    2. NO. I think nsg is an INTERdependent profession. We need MDs, they need us (in most arenas). I could NOT work w/out Resp Care, docs, and my profesional life would be far more difficult w/o OTs, Social Workers, and the like.

    3. No. I bought a nursing theory book once. I even read some of it. Best sleeping pill in the world.

    4. See above.

    5. Neonatal network.

    6. NANN. I picked it because I'm a NICU nurse. Used to be in Sigma Theta Tau. They picked me. Even helped the local start a newsletter. Almost forgot CNA.

    7. 56. F. 33 yrs, 20 in neonatal. I have a diploma, and lots of community college classes. I also took a graduate level, 12 unit class in hospital epidemiology. In the 70's I co-published a paper about paronychiae in the "APIC" Journal-- it's called something else, now, and a small article in Nursing Managment.
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  4. by   wendilynn
    ok, here goes

    1. To me nursing is the art of making someone feel better, comfortable. Nurses have to be compassionate and empathetic and strong. Sometimes we have to be everything for our patients. We differ from our other health care partners in that we are with our patients for 8 - 12 hours a day. We go through their days with them. If a patients wants their physician or their therapist, we are the ones that have to make that call and reach whomever it is our patient wants. Nursing is at the center of a wheel and the physician and therapists and the other ancillary staff are the spokes.

    2. I do not think nursing is an independent profession. I need all the allied health people that I work with. They are an important part of our health care team.

    3. Yes we did study a nursing model, but for the life of me I can't remember.

    4. don't know

    5. Rehabilitation Nursing and Nursing 2001

    6. I belong to the Association of Rehabilitation Nursing

    7. 34 F 9 Diploma