Question regarding RN vs RT

  1. Hi quys,

    I've been doing my research regarding RN and Respiratory Therapists and I had a quick question for you guys.

    For those of you that work in a hospital, who in your opinion has more autonomy? A RN or a RT?

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing what your experience has been.
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    It's not all about the hospital, you know.

    I worked closely with RT when I was an ICU nurse and we enjoyed a lot of (but not total) autonomy. But eventually I got out of hospitals, and you know what? They're still in the hospital and I run my own company, as a nurse, and have all the autonomy I want.

    It's common for students to think no further than the hospitals or facilities they do their clinicals in, and I understand that. However, think of the future, which will come whether you plan for it or not. There are a lot more opportunities and choices in nursing out here than there are for RT.
  4. by   GCmomRN
    As an RN who was an RT first... I don't think either has more autonomy in the hospital setting. Both have to take orders, do exactly what the MD wants and what the protocols dictate. However, if you're looking for more job opportunities and possibility for autonomy as an advanced practitioner, you will find that in nursing.