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  1. hi i just did a phone interview today and i a little worried that the weakness i said was bad for me to say. i said i was weak at vital signs. i am a CNA trying to get a first time job so no experience other than clinicals. i answered honestly though but i also stated that i am practicing and trying to get better at vital signs. was i dumb to say vital signs is my weakness.
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  3. by   beekee
    Interviewing is HARD. I have had dozens of interviews in my life and I probably have said something pretty dumb in most of them. I get super nervous and just slips out. How do I overcome this? PRACTICE! The weakness question is pretty standard, so come up with an answer beforehand (you can ask allnurses if it's good too!). And then practice your answer in front of a mirror, in the car, with friends, THAT answer just slips out in your next interview.

    And who knows, you might just get the job. I was awful at vital signs too at first. You get better pretty quickly with practice (which you'll have plenty of once you start). I can think of MUCH worse answers.

    (FYI. You can find lots of the standard interview questions by surfing the web. It pays to have answers prepared for those questions.).