Part-Time Opportunities for New Nurses?

  1. Hi ~ I'm very seriously considering going into nursing. I currently run a home-based business and don't want to give that up, and I'm also planning on having kids soon, so a part-time nursing job would be perfect.

    I'd have no problem working evenings or weekends, but want to aim for 20 hrs/wk instead of 40. Are part-time opportunities readily available for new graduates? Or do nurses normally have to work full-time in order to land that first job and then maybe cut back their hours after they've gained some initial work experience? Thanks!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Most will require some full-time experience and training. Remember that nursing school only gives you the basics, your learning curve will not start until you begin your first job. There is so much more that you will be learning, you have no idea about it at this point.

    You are also going to be attending school full-time and doing quite a bit of homework during your schooling, not sure if you have taken that inot acocunt.
  4. by   HeatherLPN
    A lot of LTC facilities around here have weekend work plans--you work 12 hours Saturday and 12 on Sunday, and some do that but also pay you for 36 hours, with benefits. But that is EVERY weekend.