One year off between school and work for maternity

  1. I took one year off after school in order to have a second child. I had my first while in nursing school. The last time I had a job was in 2008. Since then I have earned a bachelors and had two children. I have been looking for one month and it is very discouraging. The only response I have gotten is rejection e-mails. I went to a great school, but have very little experience and now I have a 5 year gap in work history and I am an old new grad. I am starting to worry about ever finding employment. I'm thinking about joining the military, but it will kill me to be away from my children. I just wondered if anyone has any success stories about taking time off and still landing a job. Or any advise to make myself more marketable. Or any ideas where to apply. I live northwest of Houston,tx and willing to commute to Houston or surrounding areas.
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  3. by   CP2013
    You have been searching for one month? Is that correct? Please search the "First Year After Licensure" thread. There are numerous grads who have been searching from 1-4 YEARS. The typical amount of time it is taking new grads to find employment is 6-8months.

    Keep applying. It's going to be tough since you haven't worked since school. Consider a refresher course if you are unable to find employment in the next 3-5 months. Take some of the certifications that are recommended or preferred in the jobs postings for which you are applying.

    Try nursing homes, outpatient surgery, doctors offices. Might have hours more conducive to having young children that you will want to spend time with. Try monster or indeed or Craigslist for jobs. As a BSN grad you should have a leg up on ADN grads, but that year out is going to be a damper on your efforts.

    Please try and volunteer to get something on your resume. Some places may have a need for deescalation counselors - a valuable skill for nurses which could benefit your resume. Also try flu clinics since its flu season.

    Good luck!
  4. by   RNmomFirst
    I graduated in September 2011 while I was pregnant with my 2nd child. I took time off until after I delivered in February of last year. I know this isn't quite as long as you, however I landed a job and was hired in April. My advice is to find out who the nursing recruiter is and keep bugging them. If they know you are persistent and grow tired of hearing from you, they'll give you a chance. I know a couple of my fellow classmates had to do this but both got hired at another hospital.
    Good Luck!!
  5. by   HouTx
    Wow - Houston has become a really tough market for new grads. Even the ones fresh out of school are having difficulty. Healthcare changes so rapidly that even a couple of years out of the workforce can make it very difficult to re-enter without a lot of effort. A lot has happened in the 5 years since you graduated. Have you looked into a formal refresher program?
  6. by   JennypennyBsn
    I graduated last year, but I haven't worked in 5 years my last job being a legal assistant. I'm 30 with two bachelor degrees. I don't even know if anyone cares about my past work Hx since it wasn't health care related. Seems like they care more about volunteer efforts.
  7. by   serenitylove14
    Hmmm. Im in a similar situation graduated May had baby October, been off since then. A little less than a year. Try state facilities! They are where I have gotten the most interviews and a job offer.
  8. by   Mary.R
    I'm 58 years old with a BSN. After working acute care for 16 years in a hospital in Dayton, OH I moved to Columbus to be with my fiance. I took a job as a PACU nurse in an outpatient facility and was terminated without cause or reason after 7 months. I've been collecting unemployment since Oct. and have had no luck in landing any kind of job after countless interviews and applications. At first I was told it was due to a possible hiring freeze before the holidays, but now I'm being told it's because it has been a year since I've worked in an inpatient hospital setting. No agency can place me because of that, even though all these places tell me I have a fantastic resume. I don't know anyone in Columbus and it's difficult to network. I've never been through anything like this, plus I'm smelling the rat of age discrimination. I'm very discouraged. Any suggestions?
  9. by   JennypennyBsn
    I can't believe that after 16 years of experience they will not place you! That is crazy! The economy has changed so much. Ten years ago one of my cousins graduated with her ADN they were begging her to come work in the hospital. Now if she were applying for that same job she would not even get an interview. Hang in there things I believe will change soon.