Non-nurse Staff Development Coordinator

  1. I applied for a Staff Development Coordinator position at a health and rehab center, and I have an interview coming up soon. The job listing did not specify that an RN or LPN license was required; however, I have never met a Staff Development Coordinator who was neither an RN nor LPN. The job listing said: "May be filled by RN or LPN," which is why I applied (i.e., possibility or preference, but not requirement).

    In short, I am wondering how often non-nurses are employed as SDCs: A quick Google did not seem to reveal much information. Countrywide similar job listings also showed nursing licenses as a requirement, for the most part.

    TLDR: I am wondering if anyone here has encountered a non-nurse SDC or has been employed as a non-nurse SDC.

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  3. by   amoLucia
    The way I read that little quote is that they ARE requiring a license - RN or LPN - either would be OK. I've never known an SDC to NOT be a nurse. Also usually they require some experience.

    Sorry, but I think the ad may have not listed enough info to be understood.

    Now unless they may be seeking a clerical/secretarial person to coordinate paperwork requirements?
  4. by   chaki
    I went to the interview anyway. The DON was nice and kindly told me to kick rocks