Newbie nurse...ECT nurse or Psych nurse?

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    I am new grad nurse who has been working in a psych hospital for the last 5 months. I am not happy with my job and there are many times that I feel the conditions where I work are unsafe (sometimes I am the only nurse on the unit for 14 patients). My goal is to become a pediatric or NICU nurse and eventually work in a clinic. I have been applying to tons of pediatric nursing jobs and almost all of them require 1-2 years experience. I have only received rejection letters or interviews. I just recently got offered the opportunity to transition to being an ECT nurse in the same hospital I currently work at. I am thinking about taking the position but I am not very excited about it because it has nothing to do with pediatrics and it also seems very monotonous. That being said, I was wondering if you think the skills I would gain from being an ECT nurse (IV's, bagging patient, monitoring them in recovery) would look better on my resume than my current credentials of being a med nurse and sometimes the only nurse on the psych units? Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   anewsns
    Ummm .. I don't know about that but I say if you don't really like the position you're already in, then expanding your skills in another area would really only benefit you.
  4. by   Becky121
    You have to first stick it out with your job for several months as there are valuable lessons you will learn from having a job that's difficult to handle believe me. This is not to say you should not look for the one that you feel most comfortable with. There's nothing wrong with expanding your skills but I'd say don't leave your current job until you have found another one.