New Graduate and need career advice

  1. I am a new graduate at the end of this year and I want to go on in nursing and get a Masters but I would like some advice on what is a good field and how to go about doing it? Any advice?
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  3. by   Tweety
    I'm a bit confused by what you mean by "what is a good field?"

    What is a good speciality in nursing to work in once you graduate?

    What is a good speciality to get your Masters in?

    Please clarify.
  4. by   elkpark
    A "good field" (for you) is something that you enjoy doing -- what are your interests in nursing?
  5. by   kcteeter
    what I mean by a "good field" is what can I specialize in, and I am leaning towards a masters program...
  6. by   elkpark
    There are kazillions of areas within nursing in which you can specialize, but, again, which ones might be good choices for you depends on what your interests are. There are also many specialty/concentration areas at the Master's level -- which one you would want to pursue depends on what you want to do with the degree once you've got it.

    Were there clinical rotations that you particularly enjoyed in school? That's a good place to start ...
  7. by   llg
    If you don't know what specialty within nursing most interests you ... you are a long way from being ready for graduate school. Graduate school requires a major committment of time, effort, and money. It also requires the ability and readiness to learn the advanced content of that specialty -- which means that you should be competent with the basics of that specialty before you tackle the advanced content.

    Get a job as a nurse and make that transition from student to competent nurse. Find out which aspects of nursing and which types of nursing appeal to you most -- and what your natural talents and preferences within nurses are. Then and only then, develop a plan to advance within that specialty that may include graduate school.