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I have been reading through these threads and haven't seen an answer to this question. I know that it is tough to get a new grad RN position and some say they are still looking after a year post... Read More

  1. by   Preez
    Hi everyone. Um i have just recently come across this website and have come to known how much you all help each other well I am in some serious need of help. I have just started attendign SENECA COLLEGE in Ontario, CA and I am doing the RPN..PRACTICAL NUSRING PROGRAM. Though I have attended high school here i did not have the grades to qualify but i went and did the PRE-HEALTH SCIENCES PROGRAM AND BASICALLY WASTED A YEAR WELL I graduated with the gpa of 2.6 and clearly that is not high enough to get in to BScN so i have un-answere questions..
    1. Can a RPN work in pediatrics? b/c i really want to work and help children

    2. And if i do upgrade to a degree will i be able to work in pediatrics? And if so after how long after receiving my diploma in Nursing do i have too wait to apply for my BScN Degree.

    3. Will I be acknowledged as under qualified after receiving my degree in RPN and still have to work under an RN?
  2. by   nursepenelope
    PREEZ, you can apply in peds as an lpn/lvn. units are still hiring them. At least i see job positions for them. I looked on Oakland Childrens Hospital last night and they had several openings for LVN positions.

    You should start the app position to take your boards before graduation. At least that is true for RN liensure (I am not an lvn).

    I personally think that working your way throught he system: NA to LVN to RN. In hindsight I would have done that. Really need to get decent grades tho because the nursing programs (from what I've heard) are very competitive and hard to get into, even associates programs. If you need extra help, get it, don't be embarrassed. Nursing school is hard work and if you have no medical experience, it is like learning a foriegn language. Good luck and hope this helps.
  3. by   bekindtokittens
    Quote from nursepenelope
    Dear "bekindtokittens" Where did you land a job where you will have trachs at the sn level? I work in LTC but the best I get is IV therapy. I feel so cheated not having an acute care experience.
    Well, I live in Colorado, and that's about as much detail as I like to give out on a huge public board like this.

    I haven't started the job yet, but the ADON who interviewed me said there would be trachs and trach care. I'm pretty excited about it, and nervous too. I'm trying not to get my hopes up.
  4. by   nursepenelope
    Congratulations!!! That sounds like great experience. Have fun!!
  5. by   Stu_RNSOON
    For all of you Nursing Students out there I would say get a job as a CNA first, even if you are planning to graduate in 6 months. I just started my new job 3 months ago, and graduate in 3 months (December). I have already been offered an RN position by my manager, on the high acuity med/surg floor where I work.
    Not saying I wont apply other places, but I do feel safe inhaving a job!
  6. by   mazuchira
    Reading all your posts ... No wonder why I'm still where I am - -" ... but it's great to know I'm still under this warming shelter although surrounded with sad/discouraging environment ... Taking a breath until I can no longer do it ... sighhhhh!!!!
  7. by   dosborn04
    I am a new graduate RN, and I can't find work anywhere. They all keep telling me the same thing " Times are getting hard, and it is very slow in the nursing workforce." However, I was a LPN for 2 years prior to me going to school. What I seen then was over worked nurses. They spend money on all of these new technologies and they need to spend money on more nurses. I graduated in May and took boards in june(passed). I need a job and want a job badly. Nursing school put me through so much financially, emotionally, and mentally! You would think all of that hard work, I would have a job waiting on me. How long do I have to wait till I find a job. I live in Northeast MS. In order to find a job, I have to relocate to Memphis TN or Jackson MS. Right now I am not willing to relocate. This sucks!!!!! I don't know what else to do!!! My husband is trying to take care me and our little girl with the income he is bringing home for teachers. You know teachers don't make anything!!! I would love to find a job at a womens hospital working with babies and mothers, but it is so hard getting there as well. Right now I will take anything but I am not having any luck anywhere!!!! I am so desperate that I have been willing to just accept some prn jobs. I thought to myself if I can get 2 or 3 prn jobs maybe it can equal a full time job. However, I have to worry about insurance!! :
  8. by   lola88
    Continue your education? Are you for real

    why - so a person can be even more in debt wihtout a job

    people sacrifice to attend school and many older students and second carreer students take the two year asn so they may begin working --while they continue their educatioin at least that is the lie they are told when considering nursing school.

    We all don't have the luxury of being endless students -

    the nursing associations and the nursing schools are frauds!
  9. by   Lululi
    wow i will look into that thanks so much
  10. by   JDuzich
    Kudos to your post! I think this stupid obama healthcare stuff is the biggest problem with why we as qualified United States nurses can't find jobs right now. You see, he is even trying to make it so that illegal immigrants can come into our country and work as "nurses" just so he can get their votes. I am so afraid that it is only going to get worse!!
  11. by   OregonStateRN
    Here is a news segment regarding this situation:
    Send it to your family and friends. The public should be aware of what is happening (the segment could be better, and the news reporter sends a couple of inaccurate messages, but the description is good).


    Here is a USA Today article:

    Another good article regarding this situation:
  12. by   hayde215
    I am an April 2010 passer of the NCLEX-RN but graduated in the Philippines in 2004 and have been working in hospitals there for quite some time until I moved here in CA. Am I considered as new grad on my application? I have tried applying to hospitals and nursing homes but no luck as of this time because most of the facilities are requiring atleast a year rn US experience. Do I better apply to some new grad rn programs since I am a new nurse here in the States? thanks..
  13. by   ileyana

    If you are interested in a position as a Home Health Nurse, there are a couple of companies in New Jersey that are hiring new grads, straight out of school, they will train and specially if you speak another language you have more chances of getting a job. One of the companies is Promise Care NJ, here is the link Promise Care NJ - Coming Home Never Felt Better <> I have a friend who got a job there starting salary 33/hr straight out of school with all the benefits (fluent Spanish). Since I do not speak any other language fluently, I decided not going for it but definitely for you out there that speak another language, home care is the right place to start!!!