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  1. So i have been working as a PCA part time on a MRU in a large hospital in my area for the last almost 4 years. I love taking care of patients and I am very good at what I do. I recently gaduated with my ADN and am looking for employment. However my new nm hates me! Iam not imagining this nor am I the only one who notices. She brings me in the office to reperimand me rather then reward or compliment me regarldess of the fact that on numerous ocassions several nurses have brought to her attention how much of a great worker I am as well as patients and visitors. She never acted remotely intrested in my schooling nor did she congradulate me after graduation until pushed into a corner to do so!! So my question is should I go for a postion on my current unit that is partime 7am-3pm 4 days a week and just deal with my boss(she goes out on mat leave in about 2 weeks for the second time since shes been here) and go against the advise of our nurse recuiter?? Or should I go for one of the ILCU postions either partime or fulltime 7p- 7am???
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    Apply to everything, of course. With the job shortage there is no choice to be made unless you are one of the rare individuals offered more than one job. If your NM is not pleased with you for any reason, it is unlikely you will be offered a position. It is also unlikely you will get a good reference from her. Apply everywhere including outside of your current facility. If you current NM won't hire you the other managers will wonder why and be wary as well.
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    that's thing she was cornered into saying that she would hire me!! she called me yesterday I think about the job but I could not answer (jury duty). She also doesnt have much of a choice but to hire me due to our union contract, I have no write ups in almost 4 years plus the job is now external and automatically mine due to seniority. And her reference is also un needed due to the fact that I came highly recommended by another nurse manager. This nurse manager just so happens to be our departments actual manager because our nm is just acting manager because she doesnt have her BSN.