New Grad has Job Interview process Question

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have been on 5 interviews in the past week and half. As far as I know, all have gone well. I have gotten one offer, but they wanted to start me on floor which I am not interested in working with the promise of moving to my desired floor in the future.. So needless to say, I am not jumping out of my chair for that job.

    My question is, Does anyone know the "usual" time for reference checks etc. And if they are not interested in hiring you, do they usually let you know that and give you reason for not wanting you?

    I have been applying for Emergency Department positions. IT seems like the logical place for me since I worked briefly as a paramedic before starting nursing school.

    Thank you
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  3. by   Jami RN
    Hi Jason,
    Congratulations on becoming a new RN! I am both a PCU RN and Nurse Recruiter, so I may be able to provide some insight.

    Most hospitals, unless they are very short of RNs, won't start New Grads in the ED. The only exception to that at my hospital (430 beds in the Northwest) are applicants who have worked as CNAs, techs or LPNs in our ED while they were going to school. We hire most New Grads into Med/Surg positions and then they can transfer to a more specialized unit as they gain experience.

    Unfortunately, if a manager or recruiter really wants to hire you for a position, reference checks are done within a matter of days and positions are offered as soon as possible. I'm sorry to say that many recruiters don't call the applicants they don't want to hire to let them know. It is very unlikely that you will get a reason, other than lack of experience, to explain their lack of interest. The hiring process is just as litigious these days as patient care and floor nursing, so the less information released, the less likely a lawsuit will be filed.

    Best wishes in your job search!
  4. by   Town & Country
    [font=Arial Narrow] If you have been applying for ED positions that is probably why you haven't been hired.

    [font=Arial Narrow]
    [font=Arial Narrow] Most people agree that a new nurse should begin on a Med/Surg unit. I wish I did.
    [font=Arial Narrow]
    [font=Arial Narrow] If you start on a M/S unit, you can go on and get your ACLS and PALS, then go into the ED.
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    [font=Arial Narrow] Good luck.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Here in the Midwest - we hire new grads all the time into the ER.
  6. by   jasonn
    I was being impatient I suppose.... Because I got hired in an Emergency Dept!!!
    I did work briefly as a paramedic before nursing school started, so I have my PALS and ACLS. Maybe that is why i got in. Plus out here in the Cleveland area they hire new grads all the time.--------- Thank God too, I think I would die if I had to suffer through a year of med/surg. Not knocking any med/surg nurses out there, but I know that (even for a rookie) I belong in the ED.

    You know how it goes too, now that i took a position---- 2 more places have called that I applied to wanting to interview me
  7. by   Town & Country
    :hatparty: Congrats!