New Grad but 2-Years out.. Could use some serious Nursing Wisdom!

  1. Hello Nursing Friends!

    I am looking for help in figuring out possible next steps that should be taken for myself and so I just wanted to ask a couple of specific questions about it relating to my current situation. I graduated with a BSN in nursing from an accredited college in Mississippi in the Spring of 2016. I have also passed my NCLEX and currently hold an inactive license in Louisiana. Immediately after graduation I moved to China for a 2-year Short Term Mission trip with a college Christian organization. I will be returning to America this summer in June and want to begin applying for jobs! However I am confused on what pathway I should go.. Here are some big questions that I feel I need help in:

    1. This would be my first job position as a registered nurse . I will have graduated about 2 years ago once I return. Is it still possible for me to apply and get into this nurse residency program? Because I have been working overseas in China for a long period, I feel that I really would need to begin in a residency program starting out. I've emailed so many hospitals but haven't gotten much help or responses! (Understandable, they are busy)
    2. I have my inactive license in Louisiana but would love to apply for jobs in different states (looking at Colorado, California, and some other states). I know each state has such different requirements for CE to re-activate my license as well as a process of getting a license in that particular state (Louisiana is not a compact state). Do I apply for the residencies/jobs first to see if I get accepted in a state and then get the CE and reactivation of my license? Or do I just hope to get a job in a certain state and go ahead and get my CE and license in a state? (Sorry if there is confusion in this particular question.. I am a confused person at the moment!)
    3. I have 3 months until I return and just don't really know how best to prepare myself best for once I return back to America this summer. I have been gone two years, never had a first nursing job, and so am obviously nervous. Any tips? Advice?

    Thank you so much everyone and let me know if you need and clarification! Sorry if this is too specific and personal!

    Taylor Grant C.
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    You are now an "old" new grad and will likely have a lot of difficulty finding a position. It will be easy to explain the gap in your resume since you were on a mission trip, but you will be less desirable to hire than a "fresh" new grad straight out of school and up to date on the latest and greatest EBP. It is possible you will need to take a refresher course since you have been out of school for so long.

    As far as residencies, you will have to research what hospitals have those and when they are posted. I don't know how to answer your questions about multiple states, your license, etc. You have enough on your plate already just in trying to find a job so far out from graduation. I would stick close to home, where you may still have some contacts that could network for you.
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  4. by   Green Tea, RN
    I got my BSN and passed NCLEX and then moved to a foreign country where my family lived. I worked in non nursing field in the country 3 and 1/2 years and moved backed to the us.
    I was open to relocation, so it was pretty easy to find a nursing job as a "old" new nursing graduate.
  5. by   Ktanders0n
    The nursing residency program that I am currently participating in includes both new grads and any nurses that have less than one year of experience in nursing. I am unsure about the inactive license part, but I was hired in as a "graduate nurse" with no license and then became an RN within the program after receiving my license! Hope this helps!