moving in 6-9 months; would you accept new position?

  1. I am probably going to move in 6 to 9 months. I have applied for a job in a specialty area and it is likely that I am an excellent candidate. However I worry that due to the fact that I will probably be moving in 6 to 9 months, perhaps it would not be smart or ethical to accept a position. I am currently working Med/surg and have been doing it for a year. I never wanted to be a floor nurse or work med/surg but it was the only place I could get hired and also it was recommended that this was the best place for me as a new grad, which I truly believe it was and I do not regret that. I am glad I stuck it out and made it a year even though there were so many days I felt I couldn't handle it or wanted to stop and look somewhere else for work. Like I said I am respectful of that and feel it was for the best and I have learned a lot and always I feel I have more to learn. But I truly do hate it and it doesn't suprise me. My concern is that I just don't know if I should be selfish and accept that job in a specialty area (the OR) or just suck it up and keep at this med/surg job for the next 6-9 months? The hours are horrible but I don't know what else to do that will allow me to move forward in my career into a different specialty area in the future... Thanks!
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  3. by   Jules Anne
    I think you should go for it. Since you are wanting to leave med/surg, it would be good to have some experience in another area so that when you apply to other hospitals, you have a bit of an edge. Good luck on your decision!
  4. by   chloecatrn
    I would accept; in case your move falls through, you will have a position outside of med-surg that you will enjoy. If your move pans out, however, be sure to give your supervisor plenty of heads up to begin to find your replacement.