Missed a recruiter's call and can't get a hold of her :(

  1. I got a call from a recruiter last week friday that wanted to setup an interview with me at a hospital that I really want to work for. Unfortunately, I missed her call and she left me a voicemail. I called her back within 30 mins but no answer so I left a message. She sent me an email and I replied back. I tried again for the next 2 days, sent another email, called and left another voicemail. I still haven't heard from her...I'm really kicking myself for missing the call because I feel like I missed an opportunity especially since I'm a new grad. On the voicemail she left me, she said she wanted to setup an interview for this week and now it's Wednesday..

    At this point, should I just call it a lost and move on? Or should I keep contacting her?
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  3. by   CoolKidsRN
    Do not contact the recruiter again, it looks like you have already made multiple attempts. Things can come up on the recruiter's end, give them the benefit of the doubt and wait to see if they respond. Good luck.
  4. by   beekee
    Is this a third party recruiter? Generally, recruiters work with experienced nurses, not new grads. New grads are plentiful, unproven and expensive to train. It'd be highly unusual for a hospital to pay someone to find a new grad.