Medical assisting first, then the RN program?

  1. I will soon be moving to a small town, and I was thinking about becoming a medical assistant before I get into a nursing program for RN.

    I am currently a Medical receptionist for a pretty big medical group and I’m afraid that once I move I won’t get paid what I get paid here. My thing is that I want to pay off the little debt that I have before I go into the nursing program, ideal while in the RN program I’d want to have at least a part time job to be able to pay for the minimal things. So I was thinking about becoming a medical assistant to earn a little more and be able to have a bigger title than receptionist going into this small town. I also hope it’d be a bit easier to find a job as well.

    I pretty much just want to get the input of others on here as well as far as what you guys think of going into Medical assisting then transitioning into RN. I’m young (22) and I’m afraid of wasting time by not going straight into the RN program, although I know that going into the RN program right away will be hard and I want to make sure I have a good stable pay job going into this small town and go about everything in the best way possible.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    A better investment jobwise would be CNA or even LPN. More job availability (nights, evenings, weekends also available), and more nurse oriented for your nursing school application.
  4. by   koreanbraves
    if it works out, it is better to start RN program ASAP and after 1 semester of school, start working as a Nurse Intern. working as an intern will provide you great experience of nursing and you can do it part time while going to school.