MD Anderson Research Residency Summer 2018

  1. I recently submitted an application for MD Anderson's Research Nurse Residency for the summer cohort.
    Starting this thread to see if anyone has heard anything and if anyone has heard anything about the program.
    I am extremely interested in pursing a career in research and this position would be perfect.
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  3. by   CaitlinWillson
    Wish I would have known about this program! I would have applied!!
  4. by   mrcaldwe
    They only had it open for 2 weeks strangely... I don't think they advertise it enough, because a lot of people don't know about it. And I think MDA is one of the few hospitals that offers research as a resident program.
  5. by   CaitlinWillson
    Totally! I'm into research and oncology too! Def need to work on their PR!
  6. by   Maygrad
    I applied and have not heard anything back. How about you? Do you currently reside in Houston?
  7. by   mrcaldwe
    I haven't heard anything yet, hoping we hear by the end of the month. I'm from Dallas but I go to school out of state!
  8. by   Maygrad
    I see. I go to school in Indiana. I wonder how many candidates applied for the job. The status still states accepting applications. Keep me updated on if you hear anything and I will do the same.
  9. by   mrcaldwe
    Yes I will. Same to you!
  10. by   kenya.austin
    Hello, wondering if y'all were accepted into the program? I just applied for the fall cohort!
  11. by   Carmen_1
    hey! im trying to apply to the fall cohort but i dont see a link for it. where did u find it?
  12. by   kenya.austin
    Carmen_1, the job closed on 6/12/2018 ☹
  13. by   CJack82
    Quote from kenya.austin
    Carmen_1, the job closed on 6/12/2018 ☹
    Kenya, have you heard anything yet? I applied the week before it closed and haven't heard anything yet.
  14. by   kenya.austin
    No, not yet CJack82. I keep going online to check the status of my app. but there has been no change. Keep us posted if you hear anything. Good luck!