MD Anderson Research Residency Summer 2018 - page 2

I recently submitted an application for MD Anderson's Research Nurse Residency for the summer cohort. Starting this thread to see if anyone has heard anything and if anyone has heard anything about... Read More

  1. by   Jules81
    I am looking to apply for the Spring 2019 position. Was there a specific place the listings were when y'all applied? Thank you!
  2. by   kenya.austin
    I initially found the listing on indeed I think. But when I went to MD Anderson's career site, it was listed there.
  3. by   kenya.austin
    Any word? I really need to know ASAP b/c if I get the position I need to move my family to Houston. I kinda feel like it's too late to get the logistics done. I would have no other reason to relocate to Houston.
  4. by   CJack82
    Kenya, I still haven't heard anything either. My application has said "under review" since July 9th.