Looking to re-enter nursing after a 4 year absence...need advice please!

  1. I am looking to re-enter the nursing field but have not worked in over 4 years! I have a 2-year degree and maintain an active RN license but only worked as a nurse for one year after graduation. I am eager to go back into healthcare and pursue a career in nursing but I don't seem to be getting anywhere with my resume submissions. Nursing recruiters have told me to try refresher courses. Also, my having only one year of experience does not look good to potential employers.

    This is what I am thinking: Instead of refresher courses (which don't count as credit hours), should I go back to school for my BSN with a RN-to-BSN program? That way, I will achieve a higher degree? Upon graduation, I can apply and start over as a (sort of) new grad?

    I am very eager to go back into nursing. I know this is a rewarding and respected profession. I just don't know what to do about my situation. Any advice would help. Thank you very much ahead of time!
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  3. by   elkpark
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    A BSN-completion program is certainly a possibility, but keep in mind that it will not cover anything about clinical skills -- the curriculum will not repeat any of the content from an ADN program, only the additional material that makes the difference between an ADN and a BSN (typically, management/leadership, research, and community/public health, plus the general ed requirements to complete any BS degree). So, it will not address the concerns that recruiters and potential employers have about you -- your limited/dated basic clinical skills and knowledge. Also, BSN-completion graduates are not considered "new grads" since you have to be a licensed RN to get into a program, so it wouldn't get you a "do-over" as a new grad.

    Unfortunately, this is a v. difficult time for anyone to be looking for a nursing job ... IMHO, a refresher course would be your best bet in terms of finding employment. However, completing a BSN would certainly expand your career opportunities over time. Best wishes!
  4. by   out2years
    Hi I am becoming a pro at reentering nursing I am a military spouse. I would take the refresher course because it would help to get your skills up to speed. I would also take some ceus depending on the speciality, I am a med/surg nurse but dialysis. oncology, peds over flow, seem to fall within that area. I have not taken a refresher course, but when I return to nursing in two years, I will . This time I hope to make my transition easier then the three other times. The class will help ease my fears about my nursing skills and help me fucos on the job and policy and procedures of the work environment. I am also doing a RN-BSN but that is on hold because I can not find a area to do preceptorship