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Hey yal, I'm a new grad with no experience, I just landed a job making $21.40/hr, is this low for starters?... Read More

  1. by   txspadequeenRN
    Are we talking LVN or RN. As I LVN I make $21.42 ,when I start as a RN I will probably take a pay cut....
  2. by   directcare4me
    Quote from glascow
    I'm in Louisiana, I'm not sure what new grads make. I have been a RN for 11 yrs and that's just $2 less that I make!
    The local hospitals cap their nurses pay at $25.00.
    Do they cap salaries in other states?
    Yes. I'm in another state and my salary has been capped for years. It's nice for new grads to make a decent salary starting out, and I'm happy for them, but a little sobering to realize that it's only about 4 dollars less an hour than this 28 year veteran earns, who has been at the same place for 24 of those years. Ah well, such is life.
  3. by   MaleRN2B
    I'm not sure what I make per hour (I'm on salary) but suspect I'll probably take a small pay cut when I change careers to nursing in a couple of years. Even with my current job that requires a degree and 5 years of experience, I could make more money if I got my CDL and drove the big rigs. When I first started in my career I could've made more money driving a tractor with a batwing and mowing parks for my employer. At the same time, I know that driving tractor trailers or mowing soccer fields would not have been as rewarding as the career path I've created for myself. I probably would've fallen asleep, fell off the tractor and been chopped to bits by the batwing.

    The old saying of do what you love and the money will follow is sooooooo true! I love what I do now but I also like new challenges. I'm not really concerned about the money right now. I just want to pass the NCLEX!
  4. by   specialpatient2
    A starting sallary for a graduate nurse in Central Missouri is $16.55!

    Quote from naddy
    Hey yal,

    I'm a new grad with no experience, I just landed a job making $21.40/hr, is this low for starters?
  5. by   brudjazz
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    I make 19 now as a computer tech so I'm hoping I make more when I graduate as a RN
    What state do you live in? I live in Kentucky, there is NOTHING here in the Lexington that would come even close to that kind of payrate without the applicant being at least at engineer level. It's only one of the reasons that I want out of IT (as much as I love tech work) and am seriously considering going back to school for my LPN license. I have worked as a CNA before, and my wife is an LPN with 19 years of experience in the field, so it's nothing new for me.
  6. by   vortex72
    I average around 45/hour (flat rate, no overtime) doing acute dialysis in TN. This includes call pay. Yes this is a full benefits job.

    If I had to go back working for a regular hospital at 21/hour I'd go broke or probably have to change careers. I think all nurses should make what I do. Its sad that I've had to sell-out to a dialysis company to make a good living.

    I work quite a bit and should make around 80-100k this year depending..
  7. by   NurseCard
    Quote from naddy
    Hey yal,

    I'm a new grad with no experience, I just landed a job making $21.40/hr, is this low for starters?
    I'm in KY, and that's about average here, I think.
  8. by   MaleRN2B
    I live in Lexington, KY too! Go BIG BLUE!

  9. by   NurseCard

    Sorry.... GO CARDS!!!!!! =)

    (I live in Lawrenceburg BTW... grew up in Louisville tho')
  10. by   MaleRN2B
    I grew up in Louisville too. My family is all U of L grads and fans. It's lonely here at the top.