is a bachelors degree necessary?

  1. hi so i am just starting college and i was wondering if i have to get a bachelors degree or if i could just get an associates degree? if so what are my next steps in becoming an ob gyn nurse?
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  3. by   HouTx
    In the US, hospitals are moving rapidly toward a BSN-only RN staff. This is being driven by a number of factors, including evidence of improved patient safety & quality outcomes with higher percentages of BSNs. It is not a "trend", but an evidence-based and deliberate movement that is an important aspect of improving the quality and effectiveness of acute care services. If you are just starting your nursing education, and wish to work in an acute care (hospital) setting - yes, you will need a BSN. IN the US, OB services are tied to acute care, so you will need a BSN to work with that population.

    Acute care is not the only environment in which nursing care is delivered.... There will still be opportunities for all levels of nursing in non-acute care settings.
  4. by   Puckerup78
    Truly it is best to go ahead and get the BSN...I literally just git off the phone with a nurse recruiter who told me for any of their new grad programs I have to have a BSN I was like " Oh ok thanks for letting me know the reason I did not receive a response."