1. My last position reveals on references I was "terminated" although I essentially was forced out for refusing to perform a position which required me to more than a full time employee would as a Medical case management consultant. I was Part time. Part time required you fullfilled 13-15 case load and full time required 20-22 cases but on returning to work one week after my husband's sudden unexpected death (he was only 34) I had a 32 file caseload sitting at my front door. When I informed my employer I just couldnt take on this kind of load unexpectedly I was literally told "Get over it, it's been over a week, he's dead and it doesnt take that long to grieve"!!! Of course my supervisor wasnt an RN but a AD in Psych!!! and in charge of the medical management division of the case management company I worked for and over all the RN's. Now I am searching for new employment as essentially as I refused to take on the case load (I became a single parent overnight to 2 sons) and felt my priority needed to be elsewhere other than a worker's compensation claims. How can I explain this to potential employers?? By the way they did agree to my unemployment compensation claim and paid for the 6 months requirement. I would assume if they had anything to really go on they wouldnt have been required to pay it?
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  3. by   LTCRN4LIFE
    Does sound like they were trying to cover themselves. I would just write on your applications(terminated...Please allow me to explain) Most good employers will listen.
  4. by   muffie
    condolences and good luck with a job