i'm non immigrant here

  1. i'm non immigrant here and want to go for LPN program but I need to be sponsered by the hospital if one hospital wants to hire me.any knowledge regarding this?.is any one out there like me?
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  3. by   Tweety
    Not sure what you mean by "non immigrant". What's your status are you a US citazen?
  4. by   dollymodi
    i'm not permanent resident here means i'm neither greencard holder nor citizen.but i can stay here and study here.
  5. by   suzanne4
    If you are eventually wanting to work in the US and get a green card, you should go for the RN. Otherwise, you will be leaving the country afterwards.
    If you are going to go for training as an LPN, you would be using an F-1 visa and this requires sponsorship by a licensed school, not the hospital, unless it is a hospital-based program. At the end of your schooling you are permitted to work for a year for additonal training. LPNs are not fast tracked so you would not be able to complete your green card status change during that time and would have to leave the country,

    You need to think in terms of what your final goals are.