Im new to this and could use some info

  1. im a high school junior who wants to go to college and work in the medical field! thing is im not quite sure what type of nurse i'd like to be. ummm i love children but would like to work mostly with infants and newborns.. any suggestions?
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    Good luck with your nursing career plans and we hope you enjoy the site.
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    For now just concentrate on getting into nursing school. Take the right courses in high school such as chemistry and algerbra to get you into a good program. You'll be taking a year or two of pre-req and co-req courses. In nursing school you'll find a wide variety of clinical experiences that are going to expose you to many different areas, and you can later hone in on what interests you.

    Getting your RN qualifies you for many departments and jobs after graduation, so it's not necessary to think about a specialty now if you're unsure.

    Good luck and welcome. Feel free to ask any questions about nursing that you have.