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I have 9months experience in medsurg/tele and i need another job right away. This job is causing me too much stress and I don't think I can do it anymore. I honestly want to leave hospital nursing... Read More

  1. by   mazy
    Quote from Nurzelady
    To those who told me to just "suck it up", "don't be a quitter", it's not that simple. How many of you have worked on a medsurg floor before? Here's a better history of what I've dealt with in Medsurg. First job, was the worst. I was a fresh new grad, only worked there 3mons b4 I left, because I was making too many mistakes because I had a preceptor who taught me all the "shortcuts" and it ended up backfiring on me, NOT her. Plus on top of the extreme anxiety and stress, I just had to go. The job I have now is better but it's still a stressful unit because it is Medsurg. I've been harrased, had a several doctors yell at me over the phone, had confused patients fight me, yelling across the halls, a few falls, despite hourly roundings, had some mean coworkers give me a hard time during report, and cleaned more poop than I ever imagined. There's just so little respect in this job, you rarely get appreciated for the things that you do do. And you deal with this ALL the time. Until you've walked in my shoes and seen what I've seen, please don't just tell me to "suck it up" and jeopardize the quality of my life and happiness for a paycheck. It's really making me hate nursing altogether. And I've read the posts in the medsurg specialty area, this is the norm.
    This is an absolutely typical scenario that you will find in any area of nursing. No matter where you go you will be working with these conditions. My suggestion is that you use this opportunity as a way to learn how to deal with these issues now.

    Look for other jobs if you want, but be advised that you will be dealing with these exact same issues no matter where you go. Sooner or later you will have to figure out a way to deal with them, or your career is going to go nowhere fast.
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    Our public health jobs are on our county website. Just google X county jobs and search all the surrounding counties. Another way to get to know the health department and see what it is all about is to join your local medical reserve corp. It's a group of volunteers that help our with health department needs and are available for emergencies. They have them all around the country.
    Thank you!
  3. by   SweetsRN522
    I can sympathize with you there. I often feel like my passion is being sucked out of me working on a MS unit. I too was not a fan of MS when I was in school and because of the economy I was thrilled to get a job and I appreciate having the opportunity I have been given, but I too am looking for a change with little to no help from HR at the moment. It is my co workers, the appreciative patients and the respect I get from management that keeps me going. Keep your head up and know that there will be challenges ahead and when the time is right the right job will come along. I have to keep telling myself that and change my attitude, because if not I will continue to make myself miserable in the job I am doing. Good luck!