I need advice..Regained RN lisence, looking for job

  1. I voluntarily surrendered my RN license in March of 1996 due to chemical dependency. I was charged and pled guilty to misdomeanor larsony and 2nd degree trespassing.
    I immediately went to treatment and I have maintained a strong recovery program since. I have not attempted to regain my license until recently. Last October, I went before the NC Board of Nursing, petitioned for reinstatement and it was granted. I was required to take a refresher course which I completed in late Sept. of 2007 which included 160 hours of clinical. The NC BON has agreed to reinstate my license with a few restrictions, mainly; I can't handle controlled drugs and I can't work 3rd shift.
    I have been applying and sending my resume everywhere. The only responses I am getting are negative ones.

    Am I wasting my time? Am I concidered such a high risk that I will not be given a chance?
    Does anyone have any experience or advice.
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  3. by   SuesquatchRN
    Eddie, I don't know.

    Are you in a rural area? Because if so an LTC will snap you up in a heartbeat.
  4. by   Poochee
    I think you would be just as good as any other person applying. It very well could be the area you are in. Welcome back