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I basically gave up 2 years of my sons lives when they were 8 and 10 to complete my RN. I never saw them awake till the weekend. I had school from 0630 till 12:45 and worked as a secretary on a... Read More

  1. by   kimdee2
    You go girl... see my reply on an earlier post... I REPEAT.... DO NOT GO INTO NURSING..UNLESS you want a MISERABLE life!!!!! kim
  2. by   prn nurse
    Do you know what the infrastructure of a hospital is? how about the infrastructure of an investment firm that invests and manages your portfolio's, your retirement accounts? What about the infrastructure of an insurance company that keeps all your insurance records....is there a human on the other end of the line when you call about the billing of your kid's last dental visit? Who do you think is paying her salary? Who is paying for the phones, computers , the building , the salaries ..? YOU, The hospital employees. You make 33% less than the agency nurse, because when she walks out the door, that's it....no expense to the hospital...no retirement plan to manage for the next 20 years, no $$$ calculations of any kind....the last job i left, they didn't even know i was gone...not even an exit interview...da nada....If you really think about this, it will be mind-boggling what it takes to keep your benefits going. Who do you think is paying for that?..
  3. by   STRAVLR
    Hi everybody. After reading some of your replies, I wanted to
    quit nursing. Its a shame that we all can't take all our frustrated
    feelings and wonderful ideas and put them to good use. Nurses
    as a whole is a huge group of talented and caring people. Just
    think how we could change the face of nursing and patient care
    if we all banded together and actually did something instead of
    using up all that energy to moan and groan. We are a huge
    group of people! Lets face it, hospitals and docs can't survive
    without us!!!! We are a hot commodity with skills that our
    communities need. We do have something to bargain with!
    Course, you may think I am dreaming, which I probably am. I
    am not a new nurse. I have been in this business for five years
    now working all across the country and in many settings. Your
    compliants are the same everywhere. Why is it we all can't band
    together and get something done?????? I know we are all
    exhausted from working short. I feel the frustration as much as
    you when I have to prioritize who gets the better care on my
    shift because I have no help and a heavy load. In face of this
    nursing shortage, how can we corporately and individually change
    the face of our profession??? Its up to us. I still think its possible.
  4. by   NurseStoopervisor
    How strange to see this topic. I have been having this discussion with my nursing friends. We are all VON's (Very Old Nurses[FONT=century gothic] ) and we dearly love our chosen profession...[I]but[FONT=century gothic]let's face it; given the opportunites that are out there I really don't think that too many intelligent young people will choose this profession. It's hard to reccommend it either. I am extremely proud to be a nurse as are my friends, but unless you have a "calling" this profession will probably not woo you.

    Hang in there Tremmi....you sound like a great and caring nurse. Hang out with some nurse budds that you really respect and admire...there's nothing like moral support from like minded friends to make things easier to bear.
  5. by   JennieJenRN
    I am so in love with this field!!! We have come a long way and instead of *****ing and complaining you need to stand up and do something. Fight for the RESPECT that nurses deserve! Fight for the pay you deserve do not sit and mumble and moan!!! The only way to make a diffrence is to do something about it that is the problem today with the nursing field. In michigan a NG can make about 19 an hour and as an RN 20 and it increases every year after. We get shift dif bonuses ect... But we fought for what we have and are not finished!!! Did anyone really become a nurse for your patient to thank you not really just knowing that I was a major influence in how that pt. recovered is enough that is all I need. I am so proud of the word NURSE do you gals and guys know what power you hold?? take a minute and reflect who else can run a floor? who else can teach the residents how it s done and what this and that is? who would make the split second life saving dec.? many many would have died without us in the wars. We are magnificant angels BE PROUD STAND TALL you make all the diffrence
  6. by   knight35
    i'm an english nurse working in an english hospital and i love being a nurse but would i encourage either of my daughters to enter the nursing proffesion?well not right now they're only 6 and 11/2 years so maybe there's time for change.In this country there are always the public who call us angels and say that we are under paid and then there are those that tell me that w don't earn a bad hourly rate approx£8.00 per hour as a newly qualified but then i say yes i know that it's not a bad hourly rate but when i think that i have friends and very good ones too who can ean £24.00 an hour sewing sofa's and chairs i get annoyed.I would probably nurse even if the pay was much less because that's wat i always wanted to do but i do think that in this day and ae we should be paid what we are worth.sometimes i feel like we should lobby the public to take to the streets with us and protest with us at our wages like i say they often tell me that i am worth my weight in gold .if they feel so strongly they should help us however if t was a choice about increasing taxes to pay for higher wages for nurses i would e very suprised if any one ever showed their face to help us .you see i believe that we now live n a greedy world where the majority of people say "i'm alright Jack"and don't want to get involved in any kind of dispute.nurses are wonderful and everyone needs them and where would we be without our angels of mercy?I've heardit all said but then nothing changes.we vote in our prime ministers but nothing realy changes.The hospitals that we work for woul rather pay an angency nurse to come and cover shifts than they would employ another nurse but the saying that no one wants to workas anurse anymore because we are all disillusioned with the profession.Would i encourage my childrento follow the path of nursing?I don't know,they would have to be extremely dedicated and feel that it was their vocation in life.i want my children to be happy but i also want them to obtain their qualifications and be paid accordingly
  7. by   grouchy
    NurseDude, What type of work do you do now that you have quit nursing? I'm interested in the transitions people make out of the nursing field, and I find the "Nurses in Transition" board is undertrafficked, and most participants are too vague. P.S. Speaking of plumbing ;}, I used to joke with a fellow 30$-per-visit per diem home care nurse that we could make alot more money running a private mobile enema service, charging $100 a pop, er, poop. ( We had a number of home care patients who were hooked on enemas and saw PRN enema administration as one of the most signifigant benefits of having a visiting nurse ). I thought we could drive around town in a brown van, in brown uniforms, with a siren blaring, bravely taking care of those code browns.
  8. by   nursedude
    I was laid off from the best job I had as a nurse in June- I was working for a small software company. They made a software package that paid insurance claims. It was the best job I ever had... I took a couple of months off and went back to my old ER job in a hospital. Last week I put in a resignation there as I am starting a job with an insurance company next week.

    At the hospital I had: 0(zero) sick days, 0(zero) vacation 0 pension, tuition reimbursement up to 1000/yr. Oh and a bad schedule to boot- they just came out with the xmas schedule today. Been working there since August.

    At the insurance co I have: 6 sick days/yr, 3 weeks vacation with option for a 4th week, 401k-day I start with matching 6 months later, steady schedule, 100% tuition reimbursement after 6 months, good benefits, more money...All start the day I walk in the door(unless otherwise noted)... Oh, and a $1000 sign on bonus...
  9. by   grouchy

    Thanks for the reply. I can't believe how bad the benefits were at your hospital job. News Flash to hospital CEO: two words- nursing shortage! Oh well, I guess they need one more nurse now. Good luck at your new job.
  10. by   wildtime88
    Hey all, things could change drastically here shortly if the ANA gets it's way. And I do not mean for the better.

    If you have not read my post "What do you think a CEO or AHA think about pending legislation?", then I would highly recommend you take the time to go through it.


    Just as things were starting work our way for once, now this. Same old s**t, different decade.
  11. by   Danielle4
    I do not know much about salaries, but one of my friends is making $22/hr and is a L.P.N she works at a hospital here in Arizona and she works in critical care.
    I wonder if the salaries are higher the farther west?
  12. by   singelais
    Why shouldn't it be about the money. You worked hard and
    sacraficed a lot,

    so why shouldn't you get paid what you deserve.... Instead we add at the end of all our Paragraphs, "It's not about the money". I feel it should be about the money.... I am no less of a caring person making 18.00 vs. 30.00 an hour....I am not working for free and just because my job has caring and caretaking responsibilites, I don't feel we should make less...

    I sympathize and agree with you I would recommend a different line of work.....
  13. by   LadyNASDAQ
    One day I was 20 years old, licensed as a Nurse and the next, I am 42 years old looking at my 43rd birthday on the 22nd of this month.

    What I am saying is that I have given up more than the original poster. Yes, I have all bills paid, 2 cars and a home paid off, a back that is in very good condition with the help of good body mechanics and waiting for help to lift patients mainly in ICU but what have I given up?

    A life. Children, a good marriage. Sure I will have monetary reward but shift after shift and saving money and working has robbed me of a future where I can look forward to Grandchildren and when I am alone after the rest of the older generation die, I will be alone.

    Do I recomend Nursing as a career? Yes and no. I had no idea what it would do to me as a person but then again, the pay in Travel Nursing is good with all of this experience but it is the ultimate sacrifice. I have not had a Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off since I was 17 years old. Feels strange to even think that I would ever have that off again.

    I am looking forward to the age of 62 where I will retire and then regain my life again.