How to deal with it?

  1. Hello, I am a new grad nurse who recently received a job offer one of the hospitals in new york city. The manager of my unit called me last week and said she has to give this opportunity to the candidate who applied internally (obviously that nurse applied later than me) because the nurse has been there for 15 years and she is afraid that she is going to fight for the position (union). I called the recruiter and she told me that she is going to find out what exactly happened and called me back. Several days without getting a call back from her, I called her and asked. She told me that she now knows what happened and she told me that she is going find another position for me.
    I waited and called her this afternoon, she was so rude to me and told me to call her back around 5 pm. I called her around 5 o' clock and of course, she didn't answer the phone! I am so discouraged at this moment because I waited so long for this position after another offer has been turned down due to hiring freeze in this area. Any comment is appreciated.
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  3. by   Tait
    Put on some nice clothes, take your friends out to dinner and breathe deeply.

    Now, call on the next available Wednesday around 2 in the afternoon.

    Midweek, afternoon, and see how she is. Make her feel you are not pressuring her, and that you really appreciate her working on getting you another position. See how she is and ask her if she would like YOU to maybe look at the site and see what other positions are available and drop her an email with the ones you liked?

    I am sure she was stressed to all beans that day having to disappoint you, and then the ordeal of trying to find another place for you on short notice.

    A bit of time, and a call placed at a logically reduced stress time might just be the ticket.

    Keep me updated!


    PS. Don't forget to feel it out, this advice might sound good, on paper from here, but it might be bunk on that afternoon.