How much hourly should I make?

  1. I currently am making $20 per hour in private duty nursing as an LPN, but am about to go independent and leave agency work. I want to be able to make more money. Since the agency is taking at least a third, that won't be an issue anymore, but I am not comfortable coming up with an hourly amount yet! Any LPN's out there that are working independently that can give me a figure?
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  3. by   LadyFree28
    I became an 1099'er about a year and a half into my career. Most of the time, it depends on the setting and your experience.

    I usually made 2-5dollars more, depending on experience and the setting.
  4. by   LPNBecky
    Thanks for the recommendation. That sounds reasonable and will add up to yield more income. I am so glad for this change. Do you just market your nursing in the newspaper? I appreciate the information!
  5. by   LadyFree28
    Your welcome. I usually looked for agencies that had an option for contracting work.
  6. by   LPNBecky
    Oh ok thanks!
  7. by   St_Claire
    When I went private as a CNA I doubled the amount I received as a CNA working for someone else. I asked a friend on home care if I could see her bill from the home care agency and it showed they billed the insurance for the CNA at $35 an hour and the nurse at $65 an hour. I charged $20 per half hour and stayed busy.

    Do not sell yourself short.
  8. by   LPNBecky
    That's unreal how much the agency makes. Wow. That is great that you went out on your own. I admire you. Hoe did you get clients?