hello all... hope i am in the right place

  1. i tried starting a thread in the career advice forum.. but it said i wasn't logged in.. and then said 'invalid forum'.. i don't know how to really use this site so any help would be nice!!! i've only been a nurse for less than three years. i have a lot to learn!!
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    anyway i need serious advice..... i feel trapped in this profession. i had typed up two long threads and tried to post it.. but it said it was 'invalid'.. i do't want to start over.. fingers are tired ....... but i hate wasting all those words and then not having it show up anywhere....how do i know if i put it in the right place?
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    Thread moved to Nursing Career Advice forum for member.
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    It looks like your post did just fine this time! Welcome aboard. If you have any specific questions about career paths, there are a ton of great nurses who can provide their insights!