1. I have not taken the exam, but I plan to this fall. My husband took it .... no problems. What are you planning to get your Master's in? I have been looking at several option MPH,MSN, M in hospital administation.......
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  3. by   fraidy
    I have not taken the exam, but I plan to this fall. My husband took it .... no problems. What are you planning to get your Master's in? I have been looking at several option MPH,MSN, M in hospital administation.......
  4. by   bean
    Now that is the question, isn't it! I am looking at either FNP (so, MSN)followed by a one year specialty post graduate in ??? Or to perhaps continue on for the EdD or DScN, either of which will allow me to teach nursing at University level. I am currently finishing up in an RN to BSN cohort program which is designed like graduate school: lots of research, no tests. After 11 years in Nursing I've got the school bug now! (and yes, I still work F/T)
  5. by   Mariah
    I've, unfortunately, took it twice for two programs. Review books help a great deal. Not so much to get your knowledge level up, but to help you get familar with the questions. It does help to reduce the test anxiety. Not much different than taking the boards, but shorer.
  6. by   bean
    Hello to all. I am looking for advice regrding the Graduate Record Exam. I plan on sitting for it this Summer or Fall, starting a Master's program Fall 2002. Anyone out there reading this who has taken the exam?
  7. by   bassbird
    I took the exam a year and a half ago. I found that using a CD-Rom programs such as Kaplan or Princeton review helped a lot. They give you an idea of what type of questions you will encounter, test taking stategies and areas you might want to brush up on. I used the program for about 5 months before taking it. My biggest question after the exam was whether or not my scores were decent.

    I assume you are an RN so you already have experience with computerized tests. I'm still a nursing student, so if anyone has taken both exams, how do they compare in format?

    Good luck
  8. by   bean
    bassbird and Mariah, I actually am an old nurse (1989). Back then we had to walk uphill in a snowstorm <both ways> to the NCLEX, and then the test was taken with paper and pencil in a big room with hundreds of other people. It took seven hours a day for two days, and by the time you were finished you just wanted to go home. I recently spoke to people who have been teaching nursing for awhile, who also took their exams way back when. They said that even though the test may seem easier to us, new grads are really stressed out just like we were. The biggest problem they had seen while doing a research study on NCLEX was that people do not study and prepare for the boards. You do need to study, then relax and pass your exam.
    I guess that is the same advice people are giving me now!
  9. by   maikranz
    Hey, y'all!
    You actually have a slightly greater amount of time taking the GRE via computer than via paper. I STRONGLY encourage a review of math concepts for the quantitative part.
    That seems to be the weaker area for most people, not because we get stupid in our golden years, but because we truly don't use the Pythagoean Theorum in everyday living. Review your Verbal as well. Many grad schools want in the 50th or better percentile. You can always try the Miller Analogy Test (MAT)--some schools accept that as well. If there is a review class available, check it out!
    I had plenty of tests in graduate school--don't kid yourself. Also, if you get anything lower than a "B", you may be talked to by your professors.
    Good Luck!!!
  10. by   maryb
    It's been a while since I took the GRE, but I took the computer-based version "cold" (no study) and did very well. And, they were able to give me my "rough" scores before leaving the facility - I'm an instant gratification kinda person, so I liked knowing where my scores were right away so I could sign up for a review class while waiting on official scores, if needed.
    Anyway, the longer you've been out of school, the more you need a review course. I had just finished up a BSN bridge program, so all those English and math skills were fairly fresh in my mind.
    Good luck!
  11. by   bean
    Thanks to all! I have found some Kaplan GRE discs and will dosome reviewing. I hope I do as well as you, maryb. I am in a BSN bridge at present and will head right into the Master's program, since I am in the groove. Thanks for the best wishes!
  12. by   Mariah
    Bean. Yes I remember taking the boards in that large un-air conditioned room for two days (1979). I also thought it was interesting when we got fingerprinted as well.