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  1. Hello all

    Would appreciate some feedback and suggestions on what to do here. I graduated from an accredited ADN program in 2010. My state passed a law not long after that basically stating that if you've been out of nursing school 2 years you couldn't take your NCLEX.

    Seeing this early on, I registered with my neighbor state to take the test who still to this day doesn't have a time limit on taking the NCLEX after nursing school.

    Well, I didn't take the NCLEX right away and wanted to wait a summer and work while I studied. I'm a house painter. I had some health issues that required two surgeries 'ABD laparoscopy tumor removal and then later repair of ABD incisional hernia with mesh' and that went on for about 3 years. I put NCLEX on the back burner and got very busy working and just paying bills.

    Next, my spouse had a nervous breakdown and she had to stop working. About 6 years later and now currently we have a correct diagnosis and correct medications. Still, I've been busy at life just working, paying bills, being head of household, her caretaker, etc.

    Well here it is all this time later and I'm able to devote my focus to nursing once again. I've made monthly payments to the NRSNG academy and now with it payed off I have this material to study for life. It's not taking me long to pick back up on the material but I'm gonna need a little while to cover it all and feel competent for NCLEX.

    I can still take the exam with my neighbor state but in reality what would be my best approach? Sure, I can study up and pass my exam but what about getting a job being out this long, advancing to a BSN after all the years my pre-requisites have on them 'I've seen some programs want pre-requisites again if it's been 10 years,' etc?

    Thank you for any suggestions. I really, really enjoyed nursing school and did great in cardiac and psych. Even did a summer program on telemetry where I worked under another RN. It was glorious.
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  3. by   Gumerk
    I would even go back through nursing school if it meant a chance to complete this goal. Is that even a possibility/feasible or is taking NCLEX for the first time a better path?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  4. by   Gumerk
    Did I ask this under the wrong category perhaps? What would be a better sub forum for responses that is still appropriate for this inquiry? Thanks
  5. by   beekee
    If the neighboring state allows you to sit for the NCLEX, I say go for it. Find a review course/book and start studying.
  6. by   Chazzie_Made_It
    I think you have a good plan set up. I will tell you how things worked out for me. I got my BA in 2006. I worked a few years and found the degree was pretty much useless to support my family. I decided to go back to my ADN. I graduated in Dec. 2017 and took my NCLEX Feb 2018. I am working on Tele right now as a new grad. I knew some of my pre-reqs were more than 10 years old but I wanted to go back to my BSN. I applied to my alma mater's RN-BSN program and was accepted. So it's possible, even if some of your classes are old. The only real requirements were a good GPA from nursing courses and an active RN license in good standing. I say go for it. I don't know how NRSG is but you need to prep yourself well. Especially answering NCLEX style questions. Focus on select all that apply questions, delegation, prioritization. I used UWorld, Saunders book, Lippencott alternate format, and LaCharity Prioritization, Delegation book. Good luck!!
  7. by   RenewalRN
    Take the nclex in the neighboring state-I also recommend taking a formal refresher course (theory and clinical), it will help you network locally and hopefully later apply for an RN job.