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I am an experienced RN of 12+ years. I am working right now, but not in a specialty I love. I have been trying to switch specialties for 5+ years with no luck. It seems all of my experience is... Read More

  1. by   amarilla
    I think it's good to know what you want and keep that in mind as you're applying. I did med-surg for a few years and really wanted out; I had solid references and IV/ACLS/PALS etc but kept hearing 'you need two years in this (any) specialty to apply.' I decided to focus on the ED and spent seven months applying regularly to departments throughout my area. I joined ENA, attended the meetings and CE and volunteered. I kept in touch with other nurses I knew who were float pool to trade leads on jobs at different facilities.

    It took seven months but I did end up getting a job. Granted, the orientation was too short and it's a difficult department, but it's a good first job in the specialty and I wouldn't trade it back.

    Maybe OB office? Public health doing patient teaching? Peds home health? PICU? Something more to do with moms and babies, so you can network and get closer to what you want?