Getting Ready

  1. I have a question. Does anybody recommend me working on something now for school to get me ready? I have been working on a little algebra since that is one of my classes for this semester. I also have been doing Anatomy refreshing with my coloring book. But it might be next summer before I can do that class. Any other ideas?
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  3. by   RNIAM
    work on some medical terms. That is about it. I browse the different nursing boards and find intersting article and some quizzes that are fun. It is interesting to see what you do know about a subject beofre you take it. then go back after and take the quiz again. Good luck to you
    Where are the quizzes located? That sounds like fun
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    Hi Hissythecat

    I'm like you, I have been working on algebra and reviewing the books from my general biology class. Someone told me that you need a good foundation in the cell and very basic chemistry. Also, make sure you understand mitosis and meiosis. I'm a little nervous too but really excited about the fall. I'm not used to having this much time off from school. I'm counting down the days. A week into school, I'll be counting down the months until Dec. Ha!Ha!.

    I'm taking a world literature class that I'm really looking forward to. Govt. is the one I'm not too crazy about. I'm not up on history or govt. I'm quite embarrassed being over forty and not knowing history.

    Happy summer!!
    From what I can understand we do not have to have chemistry. I am not sure about Biology though...I know we have to have math, humanities, a & p, computer (yuk), reading, composition, and other stuff before you get to the good stuff.