foreign BSN graduate nurse. not a RN yet.. need a job.

  1. hello guys I need a job I am not a RN yet. although I am a BSN foreign graduate nurse from the Philippines took my nclex but i failed.. What jobs in the hospitals can I apply for? I live in New Jersey.. can anyone help me or give me an advice.. thank you so much for the help...
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  3. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Can you legally work in the US? The job market is very tight in the metropolitan NJ area , and most hospitals will be reluctant to hire you in a non-nursing position with a BSN (you cannot work as an RN or LPN without a license) because of concerns that once you gain your license that you'll abandon the job, plus liability issues and cost of training & orientation.

    There are non nursing (and low paying) jobs in dietary, transport, unit secretary, housekeeping but once you accurately fill in your application indicating that you have your BSN you will likely not get hired for the reasons stated above. There is an abundance of individuals searching for work in NJ that are not overqualified to work in these positions who are more likely to get an interview and be offered the position. (Not recommended to 'forget' telling them that you have your BSN from the Philippines as it would be considered a fraudulent application)

    Do you have any secretarial skills? If you wish to work to have some income, consider applying with one of the temporary agencies and working in an office setting (some do medical office staffing such as front desk and hospital clerical temp work. I worked for an agency that the exclusive contract for a large hospital system (pre-nursing career) and worked in the hospital, in ER, in their off site physician practices, in the hosptial clinic, as the referrals coordinator in the clinic, and a variety of other positions). The benefit of temp work is that there is no issue if you need to change your availability within company guidelines (i.e. pass the NCLEX and give 2 weeks notice that you are no longer available for secretarial assignments).

    Even as a nurse you may find difficulty if you do not have any recent paid practical experience working as a nurse as new grad jobs are generally limited to those who graduated in the last 6 months and have no nursing experience.
  4. by   abling2
    yes I am legal to work I am a US citizen. but I heard there are some people working in the hospital working as a graduate rn license yet. just their BSN
  5. by   Glycerine82
    I would try getting in as a CNA. you'll already be employed with a hospital when you pass your nclex and it's related
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Being a US Citizen removes a lot of barriers to employment, so that will be to your advantage. However, there are no temporary practice permits in NJ (for new graduates or endorsed license. Many hospitals no longer hire graduate nurses (nurses who graduated in the past couple of months and are waiting for authorization to take the NCLEX), since you did not pass the NCLEX you likely will not be considered a graduate nurse.

    (In states that offer temporary practice permits to graduate nurses, the permit is invalidated/rescinded if you do not pass the NCLEX exam).

    You might be able to get a job as a nursing assistant or challenge the state test to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA). Only LTC is required to have a CNA certificate. Hospitals can hire nursing assistants, patient care assistants, patient care technicians, etc. and set their own criteria for qualification and job description.
  7. by   pennylane18
    I am RN in New Jersey and a foreign graduate as well. I would suggest CNA or clerk. You would learn so much by doing so. You would be able to see how and where the paperwork goes and how to do this and that. Get a job in healthcare. It puts you in the position where you will be able to network with nurses so when you pass the exam, you already have connections.

    Good luck and God speed!
  8. by   abling2
    thank you for all the replies. if i work as a cna do i need to be certified? thanks
  9. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Quote from abling2
    thank you for all the replies. if i work as a cna do i need to be certified? thanks
    To work as a CNA yes. To work as a NA (nursing assistant) PCA/PCT (patient care assistant/tech) no. Most hospitals list the job as CNA/nursing assistant and prefer but do not require certification. Nursing homes/long term care centers must require CNA certification per federal and state law. (or certification within a specific period of time after hire)