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  1. I am not getting any skills or mileage as a RN!! I have been working one day a week in outpatient setting, as post- op RN at an Ambulatory Surgery Center. They like me there but it's small, same type of surgery every week and not much going on. I have asked but they don't have anything to add, like ideas, references, word on other openings other places, etc. I thought about typing my own reference letter and having my boss sign it since she is too busy to do it and is totally disinterested in my dilemma. She is not into feedback or employee evaluations. She is the DON and she works there part time! I decided to target UCSD hospitals, I have met so many new grads (while doing laser hair removal on them, my first crummy job as RN) who got in to UCSD New Grad program 1st try... they say they just applied, ho hum, that's all, I can't seem to get any details. ANYONE out there get interviewed at UCSD for tele, med/ surg, or burn center, how do I get to that destination??? My preceptorship was in Tele/ Cardiac / Stroke unit. I'm ACLS cert., will have MSN before end of year, but meanwhile, I need to work NOW, more than 1x a week, more than part time, for financial reasons. I am out of savings now. I think I have to go back to CNA! My resume already has a ton of past work positions from last career and then CNA while in nursing school-- don't want to add something that is not on the path I want to take, like a SNF (also tried cosmetics right after graduation, worked on the laser hair removal assembly line, HATED it, and quit). It's been more than 8 months now since graduation and I am totally frustrated with trying to get into new grad programs, job searches, etc etc. I have met so many new nurses who got right into new grad right away, they are ALL so much younger than me. I'm in shape, look young for my age, love to work, need to be busy and on my feet, absolutely love nursing, and I am getting sick to my stomach about this because I don't get selected past the application stage. I have a great resume, in my past career life (different industry) never had a prob with landing interviews and always got the job. Now as RN I don't even get to the interview stage. I need full time work-- yesterday. I selected UCSD as a target, don't know a soul there, but I can go on site to visit (who?) or volunteer (do RNs do this, worth it?). I belong to AACN and my biggest contribution is helping clean up after meetings. I don't have any experience whatsoever like my peers, I am so lost. A LVN or MA could do my current job of d/c IVs and assessment post- MAC sedation. My dream is to be in PACU and I don't know how in the world I will get there. Someone out there who is compassionate, sweet, empathetic... brilliant and talented, mean, drill sgt., RN new grad or nurse mgr, whatever, someone, say something, and weigh in, please help. Thank you I so much appreciate it and promise to pass on all good karma and not give up, but I am out of ideas and losing hope! God bless!
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  3. by   somenurse
    OH, good luck! do have someone look over your resume, too, to ensure it is the best possible resume you could present. I doubt you do monographs on your resume like this here post, but, IF you do, instead,
    hit enter key every now and then,

    ^and wa-la, a space appears, making the post more readable. (i'm always surprised to see how often people here do post monographs) Up above, on top of this screen, is yellow banner, and the one that says "career" has links to resume writing help, interview help, etc. The "stickies" threads are great, too, to ensure you are presenting the best possible resume. Not sure if you have read the other threads in this here area, maybe one will help you.

    It sounds like you ARE doing a lot of things 'right', like getting higher degrees, getting ACLS, etc.
    Also, if your workplace allows employees to trade shifts, or take up other nurses' shifts, so long as it's not overtime, offer to coworkers to work their shifts, too. Let all your coworkers know, you are looking to pickup shifts, if they need a vacation or day off, etc.

    HANG IN THERE! DO KEEP APPLYING!! sometimes, we have to take jobs or shifts OR work at various facilities we don't want to, just to build up our resume. Don't give up, hang in there.
  4. by   somenurse
    also, asking coworkers if they've heard of other jobs, might make you seem like you are not staying there, so they might not invest as much into you. Not sure, but, might come off that way.
    Also, be aware, asking your boss to sign a reference letter, might have same effect---she might view you as temporary employee, and when precious shifts do come available, give them to someone else instead of you. Not sure, but, could happen.