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  1. hello everyone, I need advice on my current job. I work in a pay day loan company and because i am still in school trying to get a degree in social work and then start with nursing as my second degree. i am a full time student at university of houston and also at work and my job just hired a new area manager who has decided to change things around in a negative way. he has decided not to work with my schedule for school and when i explained to him that i cannot drop my classes because this semester is almost over, he claims to understand but still insist that i must come to work whenever he needs me to or i can quit. i have been with this company for a year and i have never had a problem with going to school and working till now. i really need someone's advice on what to do. i have a cna license but i have been looking for a job and i am trying to volunteer in the hospitals to see if i can be of any luck, please i reside in houston Tx, in the southwest of town, and i just need help to get a job. Nursing has always been my dream, and i do not think i am ready to let a new manager mess it up for me. thanks
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    Sorry about your situation. You should take him up on his offer since he obviously doesnt support you furthering your education. I guess he wants you to work at the payday loan place for the rest of your life. Anyway, I suggest you look up nursing agencies in the yellow pages and ask them if u can work as a CNA in home health or a caregiver. Its much less demanding than a nursing home. That might stress u out too much while in school, then u might really drop your classes anyway! :roll

    Worse comes to worse, there is always waitressing. Lots of money to be made on nights/weekends. Keep your chin up and see what is out there for part time work. You shouldnt have to miss school bc your boss is a jerk. Also, u may want to consider that if he fires u, u may be able to get unemployment so u could just refuse to come in since u have been a student all this time and he is just now making these unfair demands. If it wasnt a problem upon hire, then it shouldnt be now. I had a classmate who was a CNA and her director wasnt working with her, although she knew she was in LPN school and got out of class at 2:30 she was supposed to be at work by 3. Well after being late a few times she was fired! Lucky girl got unemployment and didnt have to work for half of the program! Another girl in my class got fired too (but she just had a bad attitude) and also got unemployment! They were making more on unemployment than I was working part time....whats wrong with that picture?? good luck hun.