1. Hi! I am currently about to graduate from a BSN program in the State of Colorado. I am moving to California, therefore, plan on obtaining a Colorado nursing license and then getting endorsed in California shortly after. Has anyone had any difficulties with this? Or know if I will have to hold a nursing license in Colorado for a certain period of time before I apply for endorsement?

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   elkpark
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    Is there some reason why you would not just apply for initial licensure in CA, if you know you are going there at graduation, and just skip CO licensure? Why invest the time and money in an additional license you know you don't need or want?
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    Well it's kind of a long story.. but basically I have to take Microbiology after I graduate in order to even sign up to take my NCLEX in CA (Micro is one of there education requirements, and isn't required in CO). The class I am signed up for ends on August 5th. I want to take my NCLEX in CO because I don't need Micro and I can take it sooner then if I waited after my Micro class was done to take it in CA.

    Hope that made sense!
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    Moved to the Nursing Career forum as Nurse Registration forum is for people who trained in one country and moving to another
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    anyone endorsed licensed from VT to TX?