Do you go out of town, as nurses, for your own private healthcare?

  1. I am just wondering, for those of you who live in a small community, how you get around keeping your own healthcare issues private. It seems I know people in every field, from my family doctor's office, to my gynecologist, even at the community mental health center where I get my anxiety meds. I actually was not aware that my gynecologist was going to take it upon herself to send infomation to my family doctor, whom I only started seeing for the required physicals and titers back when I was in LPN school. I just started RN school and had to go back to that original doctor and was greeted by a nurse who I, of course, somewhat know personally. In reviewing my chart, she confirmed some info that I thought only my obgyn had, and I was rather embarrased about. Nothing crucial or critical, but nonetheless I chose to omit from any meetings I had for physicals, because this is where the greatest number of friends work, at this doctor's clinic where I get the physicals. I'm just curious how other people, who are in healthcare, keep their OWN confidentiality when they know other healthcare workers everywhere they go! I'm about to just cut off all ties to this city where I live, work, and attend school...and start seeking healthcare 50+ miles away. I don't need my friends knowing what kind of anxiety meds I take, or whether OR NOT I have anal sex, or how many sexual partners I have in a year! Even as an LPN, I just did not realise that my info would make it from my obs office to my other doctor without atleast a heads up or something. Do you small towners leave town for healthcare and privacy reasons?
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  3. by   montinurse
    Yes, I do for any specialty care, but not because of privacy issues, but quality of care issues bc i do live in a small town. I have faith in HIPPA, and if someone wants to share my private info, they will lose their job.
  4. by   llg
    I don't live in a small town now, but I grew up in one. You either trust the health professionals in your community or you don't. That's just part of small town life and culture.

    It's a question in cities, too. The health professionals who work in the best places, don't want to get their care in settings that are less than the best -- so they become patients in their own facilities. It happens all the time. When you work at a well-respected facility, it's quite common to have patients that are also coworkers ... or the family members of coworkers.
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    Thank you both for taking the time to respond to my post!
  6. by   Rose_Queen
    Heck, my mom used to work in her own gyn's office. When she was getting radiation for breast cancer, she worked for that doc too. Her appointments consisted of her taking a break and "flashing" the doc. I work in an OR, and frequently see my own gyn around. It honestly doesn't bother me. If I were to need surgery, I'd pick exactly who I'd want to staff that room because I know who's good at their job and who I want to stay far far away from. So there are some benefits.