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  1. by   suzy253
    Quote from MichaelSSSS
    Well, I can see I did the wrong thing trying to explain a little about male anatomy. Sorry to waste your time - I thought this was a professional-type site. My mistake.
    Sorry if I offended anyone.
    Dear Michael---you did nothing wrong. My response to you was just my dry sense of humor. Said tongue-in-cheek kind of way. Please don't get the wrong idea or be upset. Yes, this is a very professional type site--you are right. And no, you're not mistaken and you did not offend anyone!!! We always learn things from people's posts and I appreciate the time you took for yours--
    but believe me...I was only joking around but you didn't take it that way. I do apologize for upsetting you...please forgive me!
  2. by   cddeselms
    You already know what the womans body looks like. All woman look alike except for size. I am sure you know what the man looks like. And them the same they all look alike except for size. Their should not be anything embarressing about the human body. If you feel uncomfortable how do you think you will make the patient feel? The human body is just that a body that you have to take care of. Do you have children? If so how do you feel when you give them a bath? Taking care of an adult is no different. Just a bigger package.
    How comfotable are you with your own body?:imbar
  3. by   missmercy
    I have been in nursing/healthcare for so long (started working full time at 17 as an aide) -- that I can honestly say that sometimes I really have to stop and think about whether the person in the bed had their gown on or not. It is not on the top 4 things I note when I enter a room anymore -- I think the years of nursing homes with my dear old flashers kind of desensitized me. And as someone posted early on -- we are all naked under our clothes~

    I too make sure that I protect my patients modesty/dignity and am very professional when doing procedures or baths that require them to be undressed. i know that it is often embarassing for them and thus I avoid making it an issue.

    I'll never forget the little old man that I had to bathe who felt the need to inform me that "That used to be a pretty impressive piece of equiptment" as I was inserting a cath. -- Nearly died trying to keep a straight face for that procedure

    Or the time when I went in to do the cath on a younger guy who admonished me to be careful of "the jewels". I figured he was referring to the "family jewels" -- he was being literal -- piercings all over the nether regions! I was so green -- I thought I would sink through the floor in embarassment. I believe I said something about needing to get something from the supply cart -- covered him up, left the room for a few minutes to regroup and returned to finish the job --