Discouraged and needing encouragement - page 2

I have heard mostly discouragement from going into the field of nursing. I am entering school as a freshman in 2 weeks. I plan on getting a BSN from a University after i gain my AA and get the... Read More

  1. by   globalRN
    If you want many career options available to you once you gain that important clinical experience, getting a BSN should figure in your plans. Ideally, right from the start would be great.

    I went back for my MS as a family nurse practitioner after I had been a BSN/RN for 17 years. It is always a lot harder to juggle work, family and school but it is achievable.

    Now that I have graduated, my past clinical experiences AND my MS are equally important in getting that first job as a nurse practitioner. In the US, you cannot be certified as a NP now without a masters degree and finishing a masters or post-masters NP educational program.

    I would encourage those considering a nursing career to go for the BSN.