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    I am a new nurse and I have question regarding delegation. It may sound stupid but when do you delegate to a CA? I do not know if I am demanding...but I saw CAs on our floor sat around and talked while I ran my *** off. Should the job be divided even? Everyone gets pay but while some people have time to sit around and talk while others ran around? Seriously, like today, I ran the whole shift, no food, and charted nothing the whole shift, yes I was the one who put pt on bed pan and all that good stuffs while our CA sat around and chat? Or CA refused to help me to push a patient down for procedure with reason of starting vitals and labs soon? Is it their job to help me? They are busy but I am busy too. And pt needs the procedure done...Only I wish I were big enough to push that bed and 200+ lb pt down by myself.
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  3. by   jesusa_mari
    There's nothing wrong about being demanding !! You expect the best from yourself why not your co worker ??? Especially if they are there to assist your pt's and you!!! It seems like they are taking advantage of you!! in the long run your pt's end up being the ones to suffer from that
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    Yup protect yourself and your patient
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    This is a discussion you need to have with your charge nurse &/or supervisor. I don't know what a "CA" is, but I assume that they are unlicensed roles? You need to understand how they are staffed. Are they assigned to specific areas? Assigned to perform specific tasks? If so, these may be their priorities, but I find it hard to believe that they are not supposed to be assisting nurses also.

    Make sure you understand your state BON rules/guidelines on delegation & then 'let 'er rip'!
  6. by   CAnurse2012
    CNA or PCT.
    Seriously, the pt was like 250+ lbs, even though that pt could turn okay but pt has fx legs, I am a small person so I asked CA for help and she was like she can turn ok yet she sat around...chatted while I did not get anything to eat or drink. Or she just hung me the equipments and asked me to do it since I was in the room. I was like doing my job and her job.
    Here is how things work at my unit...CA gets arrogant because CA is close to charge nurse and CA does not even care when charge nurse asks to help me. And my unit is splitted into groups and I am all by myself since I do not gossip or kiss a**.
    Or even I have combative pt with 4-pts restraints (strong big 250+ guy) and I asked for help holding pt down to put in a Foley, charge nurse clearly said no while sitting around and chatted.
    I feel like I need to get out of there before I break my back or get punched.