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  1. Any one knows how genuine Continenal Travel Nurse? Is it a reliable agency to do business with ? How trustworthy are they to work for and has any one worked through/for this agency before? How great is the chance to extend your next session after the thirteen work weeks and is it possible to get a perminent position in any of the hospitals you were contracted by? I've got my NMC nursing license from the UK so I don't have to go through all the hassle but are there other requirements before I will be able commence as an RN? I hope someone out there can assist me with relevant info?Thanks in advance.Clau
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Check the World forum out some threads about them. Issues in getting permanent position is meeting immigration requirements. A lot of hospitals are letting staff go including nurses due to deficits and having to save money. Also I think you will find job needs to be on shortage list which for nurses doesn't have many I think experience in PICU is the main one. Plus hospitals may not be willing to assist in getting work permit and permission to reside in the UK permanently.

    Suggest you also check out the UK Borders website on requirements of work permit and right to live and work permanently in the UK