considering i'm scared

  1. I am 26 years old with a 9 month old son. I have been considering nursing as a career for some time now and have decided to apply for the fall enrollment. Unfortunately while i was on the web looking for encouragement and good news i stumbled across this forum. YIKES!!!!!! What am i thinking!!!! If my fellow nurses dont eat me alive, apparently the system will anyway. in the meantime, my son will miss out on his mother because she will be overworked, broke and in a bad mood. After a few years, i will have to quit because of burn out and i may came back, maybe. have a summarized it right? this is my future huh? YIKES, i say...YIKES!!!!
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  3. by   fergus51
    No, nursing doesn't have to be the seventh circle of hell. You should check out the post about if there are any nurses who love their jobs. There are! Lots of us even! We just tend to vent here because we do have stresses. But we just don't talk about the positives as much because we don't need to vent happy feelings. I have only been nursing a few years, but I love it and have never regretted going into it. I found a real home in L&D and I could see myself doing this for MANY years to come. Sure you put up with some crap sometimes, but that just comes with the territory.
  4. by   Luckygirl
    Well well a hard descion to make! I'am currently in my first year of training after spending two years as N/A. I find nursing the most rewarding job, infact I have never found a job that I actually enjoy doing untill now! I've been on stage and worked in a thearte I've even taught, yet there is nothing more warming than helping a person. The money is bad yes and the work is hard, but if all nurses were unhappy in their jobs there wouldnt b any nurses! It's exciteing and fun and unless your really unlucky you will have fellow classmates that will be there and surportive all through your trainig!Go for it! I was worried I was doing the wrong thing but now i know im in the right place.
  5. by   Idealevie
    Go for it. I am a student, married with two kids. Its not easy but it can be fun. I'm almost halfway through my taining and enjoying most of it. good luck and make the most of it.
  6. by   res04lly
    I will be very honest with you, Nursing is many things but you need to take alook at what people are saying and determine for yourself what works for you. We do not eat our young who are willing to listen and learn from our seasoned nurses.They will take you and mold you into a responsible and knowledgeable Nurse.Do not let the board scare you. everyone on this board if they had a choose would probably still be in Nursing even with it's pitfalls.I enjoy what i do, granted there are days when i am ready to go work at k-mart but usually that's when things are really stressing me out.You need to remember as you go threw school,that your first mentor will begin the molding process let them teach you, pick their brain, and listen and always be respectful to them and you will have the gates of experience and knowledge opened up to you. We are more than willing to give you what you need if you are willing to take it. Good Luck to you