Casual or part time?

  1. i'm a new nurse, i've been working on in a psychiatric hospital for about a year. its been my first nursing job and quite frankly i love psych nursing and i do not plan on leaving the field anytime soon. however the unit i'm working on has its negatives such as staffing, mix of patients, multiple medical surgical issues and disorganization, and i'm not sure any other floor in the psych hospital is any better. i am in desperate need of something new though and not full time. i am really torn between working part time on my unit or switching to casual. realistically i think if i stay on my unit part time i would never venture to the other floors to see whats out there, but i worry with casual i'll have difficulty finding shifts. i have a thousand pros and cons for both casual and part time... and i'm having a really difficult time deciding on what to do. could anyone offer me any support or suggestions?
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  3. by   Fiona59
    It depends on what's on offer. As a part-timer you are guaranteed a certain number of hours per paycheque. Benefits and pension also go with permanent part time slots. Casual staff in my bargaining unit only recently got pension rights after a certain number of hours and benefits may or not be available depending on your employer.

    With part time you can let your staffing office know what shifts and units you would be willing to pick up "casual" hours on.

    But I'll tell you the grass isn't always greener on other units. I'd go part time and try and pick up other shifts.

    Could you financially survive on a a pay cheque that was very variable, because working as a casual you have no guarantees.
  4. by   RNperdiem
    The longer I work per diem, the more I am aware of the pros, cons and tradeoffs required.
    Can you last full time a little longer? At one year, you are just beginning to hit your stride.
    I work per diem once a week.
    My skills and growth come slowly and skills get rusty for lack of use.
    On the novice-to-expert scale I am merely competent after ten years.
    If I had worked full time I would be expert and would have more confidence.
    Compare it to playing the piano. Practicing once a week versus three or four.
    I'm not really complaining, the freedom of per diem is what I chose to make time for my family.
    What are your long term goals?