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  1. Hello Nurses...Happy Nurses Week! I appreciate all of your hard work and I appreciate this community. Ever since I first applied to Nursing school, through assignments, NCLEX and PVT and now applying for jobs, interviews and math tests I was always able to come here to ask questions and get good advice. Honestly when I started this account I said to myself something will happen and I won't really become a nurse because every single issue I've had over these years becoming a nurse seemed detrimental and the thing that would end my career choice and dream. However I'm here still and my question now is about actually applying for jobs. So for me I have found the job search to be difficult with a lot of applications but not a lot of call backs. I just passed NCLEX on April 18, 2018 and got my license number on April 20, 2018. Since then I have applied to no less than 80 positions. I notice in the Philadelphia area there are a lot of openings for OR, which I don't want. A classmate of mines says she did 2 applications and got a call back for OR. My primary method for applying to jobs has been I've used it in the past for non nursing jobs and was successful one time before. One thing I noticed with Indeed tho is sometimes after applying to what they call a "New" job that employers website says that job is months old. So my question is does anyone recommend a better site for nursing jobs or a better method? Thank you all again for everything.
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  3. by   ArmaniX
    You go to the website of the hospital you're interested in applying for... go to their career section and apply directly. There is no reason to go to when you can go to the hospitals website and apply.
  4. by   brightfutureRN
    Thank you. I actually did get a job using Indeed however its part time and I am interviewing this week for full time positions I did find on Indeed. I'm in a big city with many hospitals and no real preference so I do like to see everything available and usually it sends me directly to the hospitals website and I will apply for more if I see openings I like. Thank you for the feedback.
  5. by   Sierra Nurse
    I agree with ArmaniX. It's a good strategy to target hospitals in the vicinity that you are interested in, and most if not all of them have career job posting sections. In my recent experience, I researched and applied to appx. 40 positions at 12 different hospitals in my region. All applications were direct to their websites. I ended up with 3 interviews, and was offered a position after the 3rd interview. This process took encompassed a little more than 2 months after obtaining licensure. Everybody's experience is different; However, I derived a great deal of value from reading the experiences of those who went through the process before I did. I hope this helps!